Getting stuck in a rut

This article was submitted by P.N. Chang
Date of article: 2013-Mar-23

It doesn't seem to matter what type of activity a person decides to dive into, at some point they are going to feel the need to expand their horizons a little bit. Boredom and the feeling of being in a rut is actually something that happens quite often, no matter what you are doing. Even when it comes to online or mobile casino gambling people will quite often find themselves becoming bored with the games that they play. For this reason, it is a very good thing that there are thousands of games to choose from online at any given moment.

Perhaps it is the slot game players who are the luckiest when it comes to the ability to get themselves out of a rut. There are more online casino slot games available than any other game and more on this coming on line in the near in distant future. It could be very reasonable for someone to feel that they have played every single slot game that is available only to find out that they truly have not. Of course, to most slot game lovers this is one realization that they would welcome. That being said, most players don't set out to play every game that is available; on the contrary, many will aim to find a few that they enjoy and continue to play those.

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A sense of accomplishment & News of the week

This article was submitted by P.N. Chang
Date of article: 2013-Mar-16

Different people have different ideas as to what makes them feel as if they have accomplished something. People feel doing a good job at their work during the day will provide some sense of accomplishment. Of the people feel that reaching some sort of level in their favorite activities will make them feel more accomplished. Of course, there are some people who get that same sense of accomplishment if they can just get through the day. As you can see, accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes and for those who enjoy online casino games the list of accomplishments can be staggering. If you're like most people, the economy has really done a number on any type of bankroll that you may be able to use. Sometimes, when people really just want to play they will save up for a very long time in order to do so. Then when they are finally able to spin the reels at the slot machines that they love so much, they actually feel a sense of accomplishment. It is much like saving up for vacation because the majority of people are not able to gamble on a regular basis. So when they do finally have the opportunity to play there is that much more excitement and pride added to it. The news of this week:

  • No complaint from Crown after a million dollar scam
  • More information on the casino camera being hacked
  • A new casino in the making for Brisbane


What are you betting on?

This article was submitted by P.N. Chang
Date of article: 2013-Mar-13

The world of gambling is growing each and every day. In addition, the online casino world is growing exponentially and many people are not even aware that it is happening. Everyone has their own ideas as to what gambling really is; but the truth of the matter is that anything that you place a bet on in order to win money, prizes, or anything else for that matter, is gambling. Just because you are not sitting in the poker table or sitting at a slot machine when you are placing your bets on a sporting event does not mean that you are not gambling.

There really are a lot of ways to place your bets these days and when you can combine these gambling activities with other fun activities thing you are certainly going to have an enjoyable time that you will remember for years. It is not often that a lot of these opportunities come about so when they do it is important that you take advantage of them if your time in your bankroll will allow you to do so. No matter what, it is of extreme importance to always gamble responsibly no matter what the situation is.

Is it an Australian dream come true?

This article was submitted by P.N. Chang
Date of article: 2013-Mar-8

There are so many people out there who want to know what it would be like to win a major jackpot at an online casino game such as the slot machines. The mere thought of sitting there watching the reels spin and seeing the right symbols land at the right spot so that their lives will instantly be changed is what brings them to the slots in the first place. Yes, winning a jackpot will certainly do a lot of good for anyone and the fact that the games are a lot of fun just ads to the experience that much more.

Most people will never see something like this happen and they are OK with it because, if they are smart, they know this going in. Most slot game players, or any casino game players for that matter, realize that the most important thing is to have fun. Anybody who has spent any time at all at an online casino notice that having fun playing these games from your home is a dream come true in its own right; regardless of how much money you win or how much money you lose. It is definitely a hobby that people enjoy to the fullest any time they get the opportunity.

There is something to be said for multitasking

This article was submitted by P.N. Chang
Date of article: 2013-Mar-1

It seems that these days there are many people who pride themselves in being able to do many things at one time. Some people came do this quite successfully while others find that if they concentrate on one thing they are actually a lot more successful than they would be if they are doing additional activities at one time. We see this at work and we also see this at any other activity that we tend to do. There are a lot of misconceptions about multitasking as well. Some people believe they you can do more than one thing at a time no matter what the situation is; but this simply is not true.

A great example of when you should not multitask is if you are playing at an Australian online casino, or any type of gambling for that matter. When you are wagering your own money it is never a good idea to have your mind out on something else that the same time; unless of course you are playing casino games. Keno is a game that will take a little bit of time but you will have the ability to get up and go do something else while the numbers are being given. That being said, pretty much any other game that you play is going to require your complete attention.

Viking Slots – New free spins bonus

The slot and casino brand Viking Slots has recently been relaunched as a totally new website design. The design really takes the Viking theme seriously and the amount of details is fantastic. The website presents itself in a rough and stylish manner that would definitely make any Viking nod in appreciation. The bonus offers at Viking Slots has also been updated. Every new player at the casino now receives 20 free spins to start with on the popular 3D slot machine Fruity Friends. The first deposit bonus of 100% matches the first deposit with up to £/€200 extra for free.

After the first deposit bonus players will also receive many other bonus offers and all players participate in the reward program. The reward program gives players extra bonuses based on their game play and is also the route to become a part of the VIP player program at Vikingslots.

The game selection at Viking Slots includes all types of games. It doesn't matter if your favourite games are slot games, table games, scratch cards or if you are mostly looking into games with huge jackpots, you will find it at Vikingslots. The slot game selection includes many multi line slots from NetEnt, Cryptologic and other game providers as well as progressive jackpots like Millionaires Club III. The casino game selection is also great and the same can be said about the scratch cards with jackpots up to £/€1.000.000.